Jasper Picasso Stone Plugs (3mm-38mm)


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Bowls, boxes, figurines and seals made of Jasper are found in many cultures. It is one of the precious stones mentioned in the Bible. It is one of the 12 stones that studded the high priest's breast plate (Exodus 28:20), and forms the material of a wall and the first foundation of the New Jerusalem described in the book of Revelations (21:18-19). Jasper has even been used to adorn churches—for example, the lower walls of Prague's St. Vitus Cathedral. The rock is also used to make traditional jewelry/adornments such as rings, beads, talismans, earrings, and the like. Jasper rock is a type of quartz. It is usually opaque, and reddish or brownish in color. Green, white, black, and gray colored jaspers are uncommon. The luster of jasper varies from a matte surface to a pearly one. In Feng Shui, jasper is believed to have healing & protective energy, and is used in several materials and cures to energize and revitalize people, and their homes and offices. Jasper is one of the many natural materials that have become popular among body modification enthusiasts. BMA Modified's Petrified Wood Jasper Stone Plugs are economically priced (standard lobe thickness), and available in shades of brown and neutral patterns. They flare about 1.5 mm in the middle and have a comfortable saddle.

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