Build Your Pink Ivory Wood Plugs (2g-38mm)


  • custom wood plugs
  • pink ivory tunnels

This variant is currently sold out.

Customize a raw piece of pink ivory wood plugs to your specifications.

The thickness from flare tip to flare tip will be 15mm at default

The flare size is approx. 1.6mm larger than wearing surface at default


Choose between:

Convex, concave, tunnels, mayan flare flat, mayan flare concave, mayan flare tunnels

Choose the thickness and flare size that will accommodate the thickness for your ear lobes. These custom organic plugs are perfect to make sure you have the most comfortable fit, tailored to your specifications.


The base price is a price of a flat face pair. Choose the style you are interested in and the price will vary due to the extra turning labor. Please allow 3-5 weeks for these custom wood plugs. 

Please note that each raw wood stock vary in patterns and colors. Unlike artificial materials, we cannot control mother nature's plan for each turning blank.

Please allow .5mm give or take in size offsets. This is due to the hand carved nature.


Custom Pink Ivory Plugs

When it comes to wood plugs for your body modification, you shouldn't settle for just any type of wood. Pink ivory wood is one of the most stunning materials on the planet available for body mods, with a light pink tint that is soft and beautiful when polished. These custom-made wood plugs can be shaped into any shape you please. With these beautiful plugs in place you can make your body piercing or stretching a true work of art.

With Custom Pink Ivory Plugs you can:

- Shape the wood into body jewelry or adornments
- Customize the size of the build to fit your individual modification
- Choose from a variety of shapes including convex, concave, tunnels, mayan flare flat, mayan flare concave and mayan flare tunnels

Made in the USA, these pink ivory wood plugs are top quality and are crafted by only the very best in the business.

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