Build Your Mookaite Stone Plugs (2g-3")


This variant is currently sold out.

Customize a raw piece of mookaite to your specifications.

The thickness from flare tip to flare tip will be 15mm at default

The flare size is approx. 1.6mm larger than wearing surface

Choose between:

Convex, concave, tunnels, mayan flare flat, mayan flare concave

The base price is a price of a convex pair. Choose the style you are interested in and the price will vary due to the extra carving labor. Please allow 4-9 weeks for these custom stone plugs. They are each hand carved from raw slabs and it does take some time.

Take a look at our Portfolio to see the carving we have done for our clients in the past.  


Please note that each raw slab vary greatly in color. We do our best to explain our current stock to help you understand what patterns are available. These stones are Grade A, polished to perfection. The quality and craftsmanship is not the same as bulk cut stone plugs.

Please allow .5mm give or take in size offsets. This is due to the hand carved nature.

Mookaite is a precious stone found in the Mooka Creek, about 100 miles inland of Western Australia.
Mookaite comes from the Aboriginese word "mooka," meaning "running waters." Mookaite contains
jasper, chert, and chalcedony. It's amazingly made up of pre-historic radiolaria, a protozoa with a hard
silica shell. Countless numbers of these microscopic organisms were deposited as sediment in the shallow
area of ancient seas. Minerals and other marine organisms effected the varying colors of Mookaite.
Jewelry made from Mookaite are usually beautiful mixes of red, yellow, and brown, colors seen in
Aboriginal art. Traces of purple and orange are usually seen as well.
Mookaite is extremely well-known for it's metaphysical properties; it balances the Root, Solar plexus and
third Eye Chakras. Mookaite is said to bring peace during times of stress because it is a nurturing stone.
It's specialty is broadening horizons in the mind; it helps create an attitude of open-mindedness while
creating a sense of calm during new experiences. Many people use it in jewelry because it grounds the
body, and also acts as an emotional protector. Mookaite has also been said to stimulate youthful thoughts,
thereby slowing the aging process. It can also aid in physical protection, especially close to the skin like
in jewelry or body modifications.

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